Palm and Fish Fossil Mural


With their delicate structure, palm fronds are among the rarest fossil finds. Notogoneus is an extinct genus of prehistoric ray-finned fish. Diplomystus is an extinct genus of freshwater clupeomorph fish distantly related to modern-day extant herrings, alewives, and sardines. A small schooling fish, Knightia made an abundant food source for larger Eocene predators. Priscacara is an extinct genus of perch from the middle Eocene, characterized by a sunfish-like body and stout dorsal and anal spines. Mass deaths of Priscacara suggest it formed schools. Quarried from Mosaic Lake and unearthed by hand, these prehistoric fish and botanicals form a striking mural, which is comprised of a 55” Partial Palm, an 18.5 prehistoric ray-finned Notogoneus, a 6.25 Diplomystus, a 7 Diplomystus, a Knightia and a Priscacara. Weight: 290 lbs.

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