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About Eostone

Eostone was aptly named – a combination of the Eocene period with the dramatic layers of limestone. The private quarry from which our fossils come from was once a freshwater lake teeming with fish, tropical plants and reptiles, allowing for a variety of specimens.

Eostone fossils can be functional as well as decorative. Countertops, tables and tiles can be custom made to suit your individual project. When preparing a fossil slab, great care is taken to highlight the fossil fish within each slab, either honing them flush with the surface to reveal the true character of the stone or preparing them in relief as with our murals.

Over a dozen different layers of stone in the quarry are well suited for these uses, providing a choice of colors and textures to complement any décor. Individual fish are also available in several species.

We’ve done some amazing projects across the country in homes, offices, and even yachts. Some typical fossil applications include Fossil Kitchen Countertops, Fossil Backsplashes, Fossil Floor Tiles, Fossil Wall Tiles, Fossil Art Murals, Fossil Tabletops, Fossil Bathroom Countertops, Fossil Bathroom Vanity Tops, and Fossil mosaics.