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Only a small fraction of life makes it into the fossil record. Most living organisms simply disappear without a trace. Ancient flora, fauna, and fish fossils represent some of Earth’s earliest art. Southwest Wyoming’s Green River Formation has preserved spectacular, detailed, and complete fish fossils, palm fronds, insects, reptiles, turtles, birds, horses, and crocodiles from the Eocene Epoch of approximately 50 million years ago. House of Whitley offers some of Fossil Lake’s most compelling specimens. Transformed into stunning pieces, they add permanence and the grandeur of museum-quality.
Ammonites, an extinct group of marine molluscs, appeared on Earth during the Devonian period, about 400 million years ago. Their shells display a kaleidoscope of colors, dramatically reflecting light and adding dimension and warmth to a space. EoStone fossil countertops and tiles can be custom made to suit an individual project. The stone is honed to a smooth finish, with care taken to highlight the fossil fish within each slab, honing them flush with the surface to reveal the character of the stone, or preparing them in relief. A choice of colors and textures are available, to complement any décor.