Tiles from Eostone can add a much-needed focal point to any room. Used in both commercial and residential interiors, they are ideal for kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, floors, bathrooms, wall cladding, and a variety of other applications. These one-of-a-kind limestone fossil tiles are cut and finished by hand in a variety of sizes and finishes, and are highly versatile in their applications. Eostone offers a selection of pre-made tiles in a variety of standard sizes, fully prepared and ready to use in any application. Custom, made-to-order sizes are also available. In addition to availability in a wide range of sizes, fossil tiles are also available in three distinct finishes:

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The stone is polished to a smooth matte finish. The fossil appears in a flat cross section even with the stone surface.


These tiles are prepared with a rough, natural stone texture and finish with the fossils prepared in shallow relief.


Utilizing both techniques, the stone is honed to a smooth matte finish with the fossil prepared in shallow relief.

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