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Fossil Accent Mural Q130807500


Phareodus was a genus of freshwater fish from the Eocene to the Oligocene of Australia, Europe and North America, with an oval outline, a small head, and slightly pointed snout. Priscacara is an extinct genus of perch from the middle Eocene, characterized by a sunfish-like body and stout dorsal and anal spines. Mass deaths of Priscacara suggest it formed schools. Knightia is an extinct genus of bony fish that lived in the fresh water lakes and rivers of North America and Asia during the Eocene epoch. It is the state fossil of Wyoming and belongs to the same taxonomic family as herring and sardines. Quarried from Mosaic Lake and unearthed by hand, this striking mural is comprised of a rare 12” Phareodus, a 5.25” Priscacara, a 5.25” Knightia, and a 4.25” Knightia.

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